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    Free Libre Open Source Software
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About Us

Altcoin Prices, the only portfolio tracker that truly respects your freedoms


Altcoin Prices is 100% open source, source code is hosted on GitLab. No malicious libraries or components are used.

Security & Privacy

With Altcoin Prices forget about eavesdropping, we do not track our users. No convinced? Give a look at the source code on GitLab.

Social connect

Follow us on our official Twitter page to stay and up date with the latest news and discover new features that get added to the app.

Dedicated support

Found a bug? Open an issue on the project's issue tracker on GitLab and we will do our best to quickly provide a solution.


Learn more about Altcoin Prices features


Altcoin Prices truly respect your freedoms.

Privacy first

User data never leave the device.

Light and fast

Small memory footprint and only ~2 MB APK.

Import/Export settings

Easily backup portfolio and app data.


Check all time and today's portfolio gain.


Set graph's candlestick period, indicators, portfolio currency, etc.

Many Altcoin supported

A large number of coins are supported and new ones get added every month.

Real time portfolio value

Portfolio value updated in real time, both in FIAT and BTC.

Graph and indicators

Japanese candlesticks graph and indicators supported.

And much more!

Get the app to find out all its nice features.


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